With Calzedonia’s swimwear, you can be flawless even at the beach! In the most fun season of year, you can choose from the most colourful models and trendiest patterns to enjoy your summer to the full. Calzedonia offers a wide range of swimwear made with top-quality materials to ensure quick drying and for you to recreate a casual, sporty or elegant look, without compromising on comfort. All our boxers have a soft and comfortable fit with an inner mesh, side pockets, back pocket and waist with a strap and drawstring, or a zip and button. You can choose from boxers of different lengths, colours, contrasting details, prints and patterns. The right swimwear for your style is awaiting you! Calzedonia also offers a wide range of men’s swimming trunks and shorts with a snugger fit, waist strap and removable interior pocket for shells – available in denim, camouflage or solid colours. Don't miss out on the new arrivals for summer 2017 with the option to personalise your swimwear. Stand out from the crowd by writing your summer watchwords on the back of your trunks.
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